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Working on the lathe is a unique experience! It starts from a ball of clay: the earth is centered, it opens, the walls of the vase are pulled…. and every time it's magic!

It is not simple, however: they are needed concentration, balance, patience and a lot of sensitivity .

You can take a single lesson, or choose a package of 4 or 8 or 12 meetings of 2h each .

Lessons can be attended alone or in groups (max 4 people). If you don't want to do private lessons, write to me to find out if you can join an existing group or one that is being formed.

Once you have chosen the day and time, you always attend the one: attendance is therefore weekly and the lessons must be consecutive .

The course is aimed at learning the technique, and not purely at the production of objects. In order to learn better, in fact, it is necessary to cut the first pieces made on the lathe in half to evaluate their structure and learn from one's mistakes.

Once you've acquired a modicum of technique (usually by the third or fourth lesson) we'll keep the best pieces and see how to finish and decorate them. We will use red modeling clay and colored slips to decorate.

Don't worry if you have no experience: even if you work in a group, I follow each student in his personal journey, starting from the basics and accompanying him in his "turning" growth! 

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