Agustina Garrigou

🌎 Her work has been exhibited in Galleries and Exhibitions between Hong Kong, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cluj and Madrid.
📖 VOGUE Living named her among the 10 emerging ceramicists to watch out for.
🖼 Her art forms part of select private collections in France, Lebanon, Hong Kong and the Ivory Coast.

Ladies and gentlemen: Agustina Garrigou is a force of nature! 🌋

A designer born and raised in Buenos Aires, she has been living in the Old Continent for only 8 years, where she chose Barcelona as her home and clay as her medium to express her irreverence and curiosity.

The VULCA collection is the latest in a series of continuous experiments through which Agustina continues to shape herself through clay.
The concept is very reminiscent of volcanic activity, with sporadic and spontaneous creative eruptions, in which the artist decides to abandon the classical approach to ceramics and venture into experimentation with unconventional materials and unorthodox techniques, probing new textures and expressing a distinctive visual language.

A contemporary ceramist who is not intimidated by the weight of tradition.
Just the way we like it. 🔥

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