Leonardo Dini

Leonardo's artistic career was born in 2015, as a self-taught tattoo artist around the world between Italy, Australia and Indonesia.

He was immediately inspired by the paintings and ornaments of the Asian tradition.

In 2020 a new creative path begins in which he begins to make canvases painted with exotic embroidery, made of only swallows.

In Leonardo's painted ceramic artefacts, the flight of these birds is transformed into an interweaving of multicolored figures, which seem to hover in a dance, in a meeting of harmonious and disenchanted gazes.

But on closer inspection their eyes are crystallized as if projected into a different dimension, where the call to be authentic is expressed and at the same time the pitfall lurks, the fear of judgment.

Wonderful works in which the timeless style of Asian tattoos and ornaments meets the mastery and delicacy of Italian craftsmanship.

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