Jenni Oh

🇵🇭 She was born in the Philippines,
🇦🇺 She grew up in Australia,
🇬🇧 She worked in Great Britain,
🇮🇹 She chose Italy.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Jenni Oh!

Her aesthetic sits somewhere between East and West, with influences ranging from ancient Japanese, Korean and Chinese ceramics to mid-century Scandinavian design, through Bauhaus and even kawaii culture.
A riot of creative energy that knows no boundaries. 🌎

With a keen interest in supporting folk art in a modern context, her goal is to provide a viable alternative to mass production and bring attention back to the enriching nature of handmade products.

Adding beauty to the everyday.

We met in his small studio in Rome a few months ago, and his work immediately struck us as being so rustic and surprising at the same time.

Semi circle vase - small


Speckled Sand Big Donut


Semi circle vase - big


Big Donut with Little Ears


Cobalt Sky Donut


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