Giacomo Viva

Always restless and resistant to institutions, already as a teenager he exchanged his square high school education for a long apprenticeship in important ceramic workshops which allowed him to familiarize himself and experiment with clay from a very young age.

Giacomo Viva is a master of art VERY, VERY different from the others.

His works quickly toured private spaces and galleries from Venice to London, highlighting not only his conceptual depth and provocative spirit but also his technical qualities, which he then put at the service of the largest fashion houses by collaborating with Officine Saffi.

Now he has his own workshop, where he holds private lathe lessons and continues to create works of art that convey profound messages.
His artistic ceramics are a means to express his creative soul and communicate with the world, and it is evident how the world of graffiti, in which he still willingly hangs out, has left its mark on his unique and bold style.

His artistic research is an ever-burning flame, fueled by the insatiable desire to experiment.
And we can't help but throw more fuel on this magical fire!

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