Claudia Marzocchi (born in 1988) was born in a small village just north of Milan.

After graduating in New Technologies for Art at the BRERA Academy of Fine Arts (2015), she moved away from the technological world to discover, a few years later, a passion for manual ceramic arts.

This is where Clodiadecora was born, a brand where simplicity and vivacity come together wonderfully; the ceramic that arises from this union has fresh, young, sparkling characteristics, while maintaining the classicism of the forms.

His intention is to harmoniously bring together two apparently opposite aspects, the sober and the whimsical, in a single product.

Indeed, Clodia ceramics are full of character and personality.

Clay working is only a small part of the vast and complex world of which it is a part.

By learning to understand the processes, the defects, the successes, Claudia also learns to know herself.

Irregularity does not scare her and indeed she seeks acceptance of the imperfect as synonymous with authenticity.

Every single piece contains her thoughts, her moods and her dreams and she likes to think that they are containers of emotions that find a home in unknown arms.





Watching the sea


I don't believe in marriage


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