Arianna Tucci

Arianna, a talented artist originally from Laterza, embarked on her artistic journey at a very young age.

After completing her education at the Art Institute, he decided to broaden his knowledge in the art world by enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari.

In 2019, she finished his academic training and undertook a formative internship at the Escuela De Arte in Seville, where he was lucky enough to work with the artist Luis Manuel Fernández. This experience had a significant impact on his artistic growth and profoundly influenced his future work.

Arianna is co-founder of the Cave Contemporary art collective and lives and works between Laterza and Grottaglie.

Her works have been exhibited in many prestigious exhibitions, including the X National Prize of the Arts in Bari and the Winter Garden of the Arts in Moscow.

Her work focuses on the enhancement and reworking of the traditional ceramics of his city in a modern key.

His art is a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, with a delicate touch that captures the essence of the earth and upsets it in a contemporary, fresh and unconventional key - just the way we like it! ❤️ 🔥

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