Ari De Luca

The story of Ari De Luca and that of Mena Fueco intertwine in a waltz of fortuitous circumstances.

🛖 We were both born in a small town with an ancient ceramic tradition.
🌎 We both studied and lived outside of Italy for many years.
👔 We both had a corporate past.
✨ We both decided to move on, to give life to our projects.
🏺 We both seek out and shape beauty through clay.

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting her in person, in her studio in Rome - she is power and pure energy!

Each of her creations is the product of long and careful visual research, often based on photographic projects, historical references, architectural details, colors and textures. Ari plumbs shapes and hues, plays with them, reshaping and reinterpreting them to tell a new story.

Fresh and sunny, his products tell of a Mediterranean with 80s flavors, with refined color combinations, and bold shapes. ☀️

You'll be able to find them in our Showroom and on our Online Store very soon!

Honored to have you on board! 🏴☠️

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